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Snuff Movie

April 7, 2007
Khas Untuk Pelajar Perfileman Malaysia
Sebuah kajian filem Violence, Horror and Sex.

The film snuff are recordings of real murders (without the aid of special effects or any other trick). The purpose is to register these atrocities by means of some audio-visual support and later to be distributed commercially for entertainment.

This type of films has been transformed into a modern myth, in an urban legend, since still it is followed – and it will be continued discussing on his existence. Nevertheless, to date, there are no tests that it films of a real homicide has been created with commercial aims and of entertainment, inducing to the common theory that they do not exist.


cannibal holocaust (snuff film)

April 7, 2007


Due to its SHOCKING and VIOLENT subject matter, no one under 17 should view this film.

cannibal holocaust pt1
cannibal holocaust pt2
cannibal holocaust pt3
cannibal holocaust pt4