Anwar..Not Yet..!


Selepas kemenangan besar dalam pilihanraya kecil Permatang Pauh.. Anwar dengan lantangnya mengatakan kerajaan baru akan tertubuh pada 16 Sept.. Yang nyata, tiada apa-apa yang berlaku. Kemudian tarikh baru diumumkan pada 23 Sept.. Tetapi jawapannya masih sama, tiada apa yang berlaku.

Pada 24 Sept, kita diberi tarikh baru lagi, iaitu pada 1 Oktober.. Hmm jangan salahkan penyokong jika mereka mula skeptik dan hilang keyakinan..

John Lee has written a thorough piece about the politican’s cult of personality on The Malaysian Insider. My favourite quote from the piece:

Today, there are many people sceptical of Anwar’s prospects for change; he is, after all, a classic demagogue, long on rhetoric but short on demonstrable ability to solve the problems we face. But to these people I say: the choice is not between an irrational demagogue and a rational policymaker. The choice is between a demagogue who promises the change we need — even if he lacks concrete details on how he will achieve this change — and a party led by men and women who deny we are in a crisis of policy and governance, led by leaders who insist that if we just put a stop to Anwar’s politicking, all will be well and hunky dory.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Encik, lama tak update blog. Buat kuih raya eh?

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